Thursday, 26 July 2012

The latest capture of my month working with monochrome, it's been hard work finding subjects that will allow me to change format i.e, digital and analogue. With analogue it's been especially rewarding shooting in different ISO speeds and pushing them.

So I went about purchasing particular films specifically for the use of shooting in monochrome, so Ilford, Fuji, Rollei and some Lomography film too. Off I went to a number of locations to shoot in certain galleries and to shoot landscape/street images.

Shooting in galleries is not without it's difficulties, some places just won't allow it however if you are covert about how you work your camera and use your imagination, you get some interesting shots.

On the street front I found Liverpool (yay) was more receptive to street photography then Manchester, my own former neck of the woods, was less so. I suppose it was just one person, but that early in the morning, I really don't appreciate a mock violinist refusing another artist to carry out his art, I learned a lesson from this, he was no violinist and he certainly wasn't an artist in the musical sense of the word.

I am sure I could stand and mimic movement of the hand, against a CD player playing a tune in the background...really!

Anyways less of the negativity of Manchester and more on the work I do, having completed my photography first year, and getting the results which will steadily guide me towards my own personal goal.

As I may have mentioned my work is for sale on So if your interested in purchasing then please do and if your interested in hiring a photographer for commercial, conceptual art then contact myself.