Thursday, 26 July 2012


Okay so most photographers have heard of the "Rule Of Thirds" or the "Golden Mean", yes of course you have.

Many aspiring photographers have started were you are now, reading and viewing as many images as possible in the hope of gaining understanding and inspiration and creative knowledge from renowned photographers, renowned of course are those photographers who have inspired their would be followers and of course been published at some point in their career.

I clicked once on a website entitled Blurb, a great site for a photographer to literally create your own photographic book, with easy to use templates and layout, I found an artist who specialised in street photography and the in particular portraiture, I've dabbled in this myself and the streets of the cities of Britain, can be abundant with unexpected material.

Street photography of course breaks all the rules of composition, be it the afore mentioned, "Rule Of Thirds" or leading lines and what not. One to focus on is the major / minor aspect and apply it to your creations or use contrasting colours, shapes, textures to your work, and portraiture allows you to do this with ease the backdrop of a doorway or street against the shape or silhouette of a person or persons, is a fantastic way of creating an image that will make people stop and admire your art.

In the shot below taken at the Haworth 1940s weekender, I happened across this gentleman a former Gunner with the Royal Artillery, he was drinking a mug of tea, from the tea urn in the street laid out at one of the market stands. In this portrait, you will notice the striking gaze in his eyes, he has seen many things in his adventurous long life, what an outstanding man.
129/365 GUNNERThis portrait tells the story of a man who has seen action, hardship and returned home to a changing face of Britain, he was quite a character and to be honest if I get as lucky as this shot again, I will be a happy man.

I have to admit Haworth brought many opportunities, but it was also good to get to know some of these people, they all has so many stories to tell.

A group of us arrived at Haworth, not together I might add, I missed the coach unfortunately but not wanting to waste the day took the opportunity of an early rise, no pun intended ;-D I drove up to Yorkshire, what a worthwhile trip it turned out to be. One of my friends Emma had taken a few shots of portraiture and snapped a stunning well dressed lady, she looked so demure in her matching hat, scarf and coat with deep red lipstick and raven black hair. Then you had the 'performers' guys and gals representing the armed forces from those involved with WWII. The costumes were fantastic, and I managed to get hold of a particular tailor who hired out dress especially for the occasion.