Sunday, 29 July 2012


Carving by rothwell172
Carving, a photo by rothwell172 on Flickr.

So there I was on the other side near the airport wanting to get some shots, not much was coming out there though and boat museum just seemed like that, a museum...not really exciting!

So I decided to move further down the M53 get something to eat and drink, as I came off at the A554 near Bidston Bridge, I drove towards sunnier climes and eventually New Brighton to be greeted by the sight of the Kites high in the sky, they're was many of them too!

Great I thought, the one sport I love photographing and so they're I was in my element...the thing about these lads and lasses is they enjoy being photographed the fairly competitive and great showmen, this gent even shared a conversation before spinning back towards the sea, here is on a beam reach, so he is sailing in a direction perpendicular to the wind (at a 90° angle).

He commented on the breathtaking view of a rainbow which was just appearing over Merseyside, with the light rain showers, it was as the surfer implied a beautiful sight.