Friday, 27 July 2012


Movement has always fascinated me, whether it be a runner, a cyclist, a car, a climber or even the movement of the most beautiful and the most strong in terms of how it can change and shape the world we live in.

The movement of water has been constant from it's source at sea level to the higher plains of glacial level, water is always evolving always changing, it what drives us to live where we do near water, for it is a source that all that dwell on the planet come from the very water, that has created this planet.

I love to photograph water, and luckily for myself and others, we live on an island surrounded by water, which puzzles me, why do we have satellite navigation when we live on an island?

Anyways back to the point of this post; as you know I've been clicking away everyday or so shooting in analogue or digital, mainly in analogue for my month with monochrome.

Well I've just recently developed a series of images that were taken on Ilford PAN F 50, a great film to use for portraiture and certainly for landscapes and that of moving water. In this frame, I took to the gorges of Wales one in particular is privy to a series of steps through the Welsh landscape, and in this shot taken near Betwys-Y-Coed, is a lovely Welsh idyll of the famous Faerie Glen.

The first thing you will notice in the image is how striking, the water is when used on Pan F 50, I love the slow swirling mass around the eddies in the flow of the water, the movement of the water in the Welsh landscape is very significant, partly because most of Wales is ageing volcanic mass, Llanddwyn Island is mostly made of volcanic rock, and partly because Wales or in this case Britain has been shaped by the movement of glaciers, these glaciers have long since gone in their solid form, but they still exist in their liquid form.

Okay they're not nearly as big as the glaciers found in the Canadian Rockies, Athabasca Glacier but you get the idea that through climate change and it surely is a natural process! Wales has been shaped by the flow of the water through the many rivers and gorges, that wind they're way into neighbouring England River Severn is one example of this, and the M48 Bridge that separates the estuary River Wye .

They're many rivers and gorges that shape their way through Britain, they're all fantastic to photograph and I for one, will certainly be parting my hard earned money for a bulk buy of Ilford PAN F 50 film.