Monday, 9 July 2012


Larder by rothwell172
Larder, a photo by rothwell172 on Flickr.
This composed shot is one of my earliest memories, the thing with memories is this, you remember them when you were really happy, sad, tearful, shocked or in my case very afraid, I think I was only five or six, when the cabinet in the very larder, was looking very inviting the parents went out, (in those days children could be left in the street to play naked without a care in the world.) I investigated the larder and the contents of the cabinet within, it was full of food and growing boys are always hungry!

Well curiosity got the better of me, I sort of clambered up and braced myself between the two walls and lowered the cabinet door and climbed on top, although I was small it could not hold my weight. The cabinet leaned towards me, the cupboard doors opening wide as though a flood of water had been braced behind them, and it could not hold back and gave way to the umpteen jars of marmalade, jam, honey, butter and any other ingredient you can think of...I fell on my feet.

My arms were braced against the main doors, these holding the tinned stock, I was in shock I was scared and full of fear and my first emotions were running through me, I was tearful, desperately trying to hold the weight of the cabinet, my parents out and my brothers and sister no where to be seen.

It was sudden sense of urgency, that I decided to walk up the cabinet, with my arms allowing it to be lowered under the strain of such young arms, I was aching like I never ached before, gritting my teeth as kids do almost, holding my breath and knocking myself out from starving the brain of oxygen.

I managed to lower the cabinet to the ground, when in came my parents...