Monday, 30 July 2012

So the end of a 'Manic Monday', and another day beckons our Olympic heroes, some of course getting a bit of stick on a social media site.

How manic was it then? Well according to the tube reasonably quiet, the buses on Tottenham Court Road, queued waiting for some punters...yeah even the cabbies' had a quiet day.

It is a shame that on a day that we fail to get a medal for diving, it seems we have a negative attitude towards our athletes.

Why oh why, do trolls feel the need to give someone crap, about the athletes performance and no need to give that person about losing a relative. No need at all, shame on you, when it happens to you, you will know then how people really feel when they lose someone.

I just want to finish on a positive the 'famous five' have excelled themselves a true team effort for Team GB, and the British gymnasts make history

Well done lads more like that please!