Friday, 31 January 2014

The demise of the Photographer on Flickr

Well if you already know about the recent overhaul of the social media site Flickr, the article posted by Michael Stutz, points out how the long paying member (I am one of those) has been for intents and purpose been left out in the cold; literally.

It seems those in the ivory towers of Yahoo have decided not just to change the formatting of the site, but to actually replace it with the one Terabyte gimmick, to get the unknowing and certainly unwitting social media user to shift towards the 'new look' Flickr.

For the past twelve months or so I have received intermittent emails from BTYahoo of the changes being made, I actually purchase my broadband from these guys! Though the changes seemed to have locked me out of my account and suggested I set up another in favour of the spectacular new enforced changes.

Admittedly the only welcome change is the fact that this will do away with those who set up groups to post animated stickers that quite frankly are reminiscent of a refrigerator door in the kitchen. No use to anyone who posts photographic works seriously, though putting that point aside this is exactly what Flickr have done in redesigning the site, they have forced the hand of the photographer.

The site is now geared towards mobile users instead of someone who may actually be using a laptop or a macbook. The works you post are now generated along with others in this melee of a digital grid, no longer appealing and seemingly lost, amongst works which by all accounts although seem to be taken with a camera are not instead the mobile user has downloaded some filter and applied to a poorly composed happy snap, and called it arty.

In one way I am lucky that yes, I am using the site as back-up, for in reality that is all it is worth for myself, another on-line back-up service.

It seems now that gone are the days when Professional and amateurs alike used the site and received like for like appreciation,  and constructive criticism which I welcomed openly. So what about petitioning against these changes, well there is such a page, were by you can voice your opinion by clicking the link and getting your name down.

Of course if you are not really savvy with technology, and don't take an avid interest in reading the Huffington Post then this page is not for you either...No, no comeback! Oh okay you want to stay, well I tell you what for those who already pay, I will give you one Terabyte free...except if you want to post HD Video you will have to pay MORE.

This is what really smacks of disrespect in my book, the long standing devotees to Flickr who were in  fact already paying and are seemingly going to be forced to pay more, you track those necessary stats for feedback.

My advice is this set up your own page as I have and use the social media, to inform your friends and colleagues and followers, where you have gone. It's important to get your plans down and focus on your strengths in photography, what images have worked for example Landscape, Portraiture, Reportage etc.

You can then mould your page around your images, set up various pages, as I have done here and build on that success. Unless you're really going to post HD video then I would suggest looking at this site, were upon like minded individuals will give great critique, no ads, no clutter.

And guess what it's a social site were people chat to each other, and not get lost in the melee of non- descript, digital kaleidoscope of colour mess, and the odd hello! in what ever language, they choose.

Why oh why?

It's great to know what language you will never use in your life, I don't mind that except it seems really dumb to me, if I cannot speak the language, then why am I going to ever consider conversing in one word syllables like an over excited African Grey, why not opt for a twerking approach?

Only kidding...


So what other social media sites are out there for photographers? Well if you're a regular follower of my page, you will know that I regularly post onto another fantastic photography site, namely It is a superb photo-community, they post and give feedback and have regular updates and competitions for professionals and aspiring amateur photographers alike. 

The competitions range from landscape, to reportage, to natural history and anything else you can think that is an exciting way to get into photography, I have played a great part in being active on this site, the people are very welcoming, and will give great advice and feedback on the photographs you post. 

What better way to see the world than through the eyes of like minded photographers from around the globe, these images are from around the world, which brings me back to the post I made earlier regarding One Minute on Earth II okay this link will take you to the previous book, which is available on amazon and on Blurb 

What better way to get involved...