Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A new order...

Well that was very brief indeed...just picking up where I left yesterday. I mentioned the two books that I have been reading so far, with regards to photography and visual language. One point I should of also mentioned is this Susan Sontag has also written books on the subject, so for those that follow me, that may or may not have access to John Berger, can pick some valid points from work of Susan Sontag.

So if your into photographic literature and you want to know more here is a link to another of her works, entitled Against Interpretation The more I read on the subject the more I seem to absorb more creativity, the more creativity I seem to find and absorb my own mind begins the creative process all over again.

Do you ever get those sudden urges to do something do something really positive in your day with the time that you have to be more creative, to get away from the dull grind of life, the daily toil on the soul and just be...YOU!

Of course you do, your human after all...

Creative Process

I attend another class, one that is more involving with an artistic technique; one that I have to apply by a free hand to draw. When am drawing the first thing I notice is how relaxed I feel, am a practical person and I like to be free from the distraction of life once in a while, just so I can get put down on paper how I feel or how I perceive life in the street or farther away in the wilderness of some far distant land. 

The land doesn't even have to be exotic it could be cold for all I care, it just needs to be relevant to how am feeling, when that relevance hits me, I begin to explore my mind and conjure up all kinds of creative thought process, and just sometimes that process enables me to be free of my ties, in other places. 

I like to challenge myself, the one aspect of my very nature is to evolve, like other people around me they evolve too. We are constantly moving forwards. I will be posting some new work of my own, which has focused on the street, to try and portray a portrait of life.  As am trying to hone my own photojournalism skills, of finding or rather capturing a story. I have been watching films of photographer's, and those which are featured from LIFE magazine.

I have also been watching photographic films too:

I have been shooting over the last few weeks, and I hope you all had a festive and merry Christmas. We are now looking in to 2014, with renewed hope; hope that will also evolve into reality and help those less fortunate than ourselves; this film which was created for the work of renowned photographer Sebastiao Salgado is truly a unique perspective on the world and supported by the eloquence of John Berger.

A truly fascinating insight in to one of the world's most revered photographers.
So do please enjoy this film, and I wish you all a happy new year and a brighter future.