Friday, 3 January 2014

Save yourself money and make your own book

Hi all

I just felt I needed to share this offer with you all, so please like David Rothwell Photography on Facebook and benefit from this Blurb

Blurb is a great way of producing your own photo book with a very professional outlook, if you have an Adobe account and use Lightroom 4 onwards you will know that you can then export your finished edits into the book making software and generate your own style of layout or use a template based version.

It really is that simple many people who use the photographic social site 500px will know of the high calibre and yes high contrast, vibrant photographs they have on the site. Those users including myself have produced books on blurb using the link through on Blurb with very interesting results whether you use Adobe In-Design or you use Blurb BookSmart® You will find the software relatively straight forward and not only that but when using  Blurb BookSmart®  your book is 'always saved' as when using the save prompt you will endeavour to find that out.

The site also has a blog for hints and tips about how to get to the best out of creating,  marketing and selling your very own book. There is also a handy link for  if you so require it, ISBN Container information this will enable you to sell your book in stores, with a scannable barcode


So if you want to make a straight forward book here is the link for just that, online photo book or if you prefer Lightroom or if you are really savvy with the whole creative process, try this indesign-plugin 

Plenty to go at there but what about choosing your subject matter, or your speciality, well why not jot down what your favourite things in life are, i.e what do you like to do with your creative time? What do you prefer to photograph? 

Some people love to photograph food; some people love to bake their own cakes and photograph them too, so now you can see the limitless possibilities of photography and your own photographic processes. 

365 Day Project

How about a project you may be working on or have just started shooting, if you cannot commit to a 365 day photo project, then maybe you would find it easier shooting a 52 week project or even one photograph a month. It's entirely up to you, but a twelve page book doesn't really seem to be worth all that effort, you may as well shoot double the amount of photographs to get different viewpoints.  

Remember its your book, you can do with it what you want the important thing is, you would have created something so much more meaningful than just an album with prints stuck inside, am not saying that's a bad thing,  but if you want to show your work to prospective clients someday then perhaps you should start thinking laterally about what you want from your photography. 

You may remember when I mentioned a certain photographer who had accomplished just that with a 365 day photo project. Amazing work really it is, and it makes me smile knowing there are like minded individuals who love shooting 'selfies' and being really creative when shooting them.  

It really is a creative world out there, on the right hand side of this very page, you will find my own creative work, a book I completed last year. The book We The People was a fantastic milestone to have worked on, I got great pleasure from shooting, compiling and editing all the images in the book. 

You could say it was my own 52 week project although it does have 157 pagination, the book focuses on Britain and a few seaside resorts and city centres. I gradually became aware that shooting landscapes with people in view was much more interesting than shooting a landscape without people, I had in fact crossed over a bridge in my photography, a stepping stone if you will. 

I had come full circle, I was now photographing people, and I was beginning to enjoy photography a whole lot more besides. So you like me can see your own potential when you achieve even the smallest of steps, it eventually becomes a big leap and you realise that you have made bigger waves too, people will become more interested in your work, the more you appreciate others who are doing the same as you. 

This is very gratifying knowing that if I appreciate someone else's photographic art, that they too, will appreciate mine, and so the circle of creative process, expands you learn more from your peers and you learn how to grow as an artist. 

Go ahead and try it!