Saturday, 22 September 2012

Street Photography

The very term conjures up images, some of the very streets them selves some of the people who habitually own them. We see many people who are drunk, drugged and or homeless. Today though whilst out in a Northern city centre, actually Manchester I happened to meet a very talented artist whose name is Akieh, I have his work from today and am very pleased with his interpretation of a portrait of myself!

I was ecstatic with the result seen below, his style was quite 'lively' as my brother Colin put it (himself an artist). I found it very encouraging and inspiring too, okay I purchased the image for £20 but to me, it was priceless. He has encapsulated what I am all about in this charcoal style portraiture.

I had to change my roll of film too, which was slightly annoying but he raised a smile as I took his picture, I will develop the negs and post them on here of the artist. I liked his style, he had so many images of his day finished in pastel. They're were exceptional images, I wish I could of spent more time with him, but a woman came up to me begging, and I really didn't want to offend, so I moved on.

The day had been very good, during my day I had also taken a shot of a cake seller, he offered a variety of cup cakes, temptation drew on my mind and I parted with some more cash, for these lovely artistic delicious looking coffee time snacks.

I have them in my fridge, they look so inviting but alas I will wait. I listened to Elton John's Rocket Man, whilst snapping away, from the album Best Of British an outstanding album, and personally something of which am going to put my neck out and say, we really are a talented bunch!

I get inspired and into the mood whem am listening to music, I love listening to music when am shooting. Just adds another dimension to my thought process, very enlightening.