Saturday, 8 September 2012

Good things do come in small packages...

Hi all well it has been an interesting week again, got a telephone call confirming they want me to photograph the English Half Marathon in Warrington this Sunday. So am obviously thrilled at the opportunity to photograph this event.

From being given this opportunity, I can only say wow what an opportunity this is going to be! This year has been full of surprises all good too.  My brother is a painter and decided he wanted to purchase his first DSLR

He decided on Nikon and the Nikon D5100 it's a creative versatile camera, packed full of interesting features one that will certainly please those, who may not necessarily have a creative editing software to produce the results like selective colour or toy camera or a monochromatic effect.

Overall it is an impressive camera, so happy he has decided to go down this path of creativity. Long may it continue...

Oh yes, the other highlight to my week...before embarking on my portraiture for my second year at college. I needed a prime lens, as you know my lenses are primarily for creative landscape and range from a wide 18mm to a very telescopic long range 300mm...although the maximum is a cool 2 million dollar 1600mm Leica APO lens

Don't think my budget will stretch that far yet...but you never know! Anyways I digress...I was fortunate to get hold of a wide aperture prime lens from Canon a very nice 50mm f/1.8 MK II lens indeed, it is small but as the title suggests...

I was out testing the lens today, I was nicely surprised too, it fits my old analogue Canon EOS 5000 SLR. Yes I am a happy I will be purchasing some low ISO Ilford PAN F 50 film to do just that portraiture.

The other highlight is I now have a enough material to start my book, at long last! So watch this space.