Monday, 3 September 2012

Lately i've been looking at the work of others, trying to get some inspiration and getting away from landscape photography.

Don't get me wrong I love landscape it's nice to get away from the city and get out into the country for fresh air.

Now and again I've been attending photographic exhibitions, art exhibitions, museums and the like. Another place to go to the streets not just for the creative graffiti master pieces, but for inspiration.

I love graffiti art I recently found a piece by Banksy, his 'love plane' adorned a wall in Liverpool, genius work. Simple and effective.

What I like about Graffiti is the varying styles among the artists, there is a Lispencie from Manchester, has her own boutique and her work has been photographed by myself on many occasions.

I came across a Irek Tankpetrol too, his site is here Irek Graffiti artist His work is brilliant, it is so advanced the technique of stencilling and spray paint and other mixed media.

All good stuff and you can purchase his art as you can also purchase mine. Here is a shot of some aspiring work, however it does say epic fail to me, that speech bubble was made of cloth and kept blowing in the wind as Bob Dylan once sang.