Sunday, 6 May 2012

Until the morning farewell

For me this has been an eventful week, taking pictures and documenting what I perceive as art.

The weekend also has finished on a high, one that encapsulates a new adventure to be found. I must admit I have found photographing Wales, to be very rewarding, so rewarding that my skillset has developed in photography, has taken a corner and found itself right where I am now.

When you look at my shots, over the years, I have just snapped at the obvious capture, thinking that will make a great keepsake, but since that day in November 2011 and those days on Newborough beach, watching the sunset.

I can see how more appreciative, I have become of my surroundings, and my own space and the environment.

I have grown and matured and found peace in my photography, though I do feel I need to improve more and I need to venture further a field in order to progress.

Over the next month we will see what happens, for now just enjoy the sunset because tomorrow is another day, so until the morning, farewell.