Thursday, 17 May 2012

May 15 2012 Was such an amazing day, the slogan for the day Picture Today Inspire Tomorrow

Very fitting words for a unique photography experience, this of course was a global scale never before seen so to speak. Well in so many that is true, a few of you may remember the film produced by English born producer Ridley Scott. 

That film of course was 'Life in a Day', it was by all accounts a spectacular insight into the daily lives of those who inhabit the planet. It was a huge success and I still have it on the hard drive, waiting to be watched,  again. I find that the film, inspires me to go out and photograph my life. 
So that's exactly what I do i've been taking snaps for years now, but one day I watched that film and I took a few well composed shots, on the internet those images looked great, when I got them developed and mounted and framed I thought they were better than that, they were sellable. 

I thought long and hard had I rediscovered my creative side, I had become Runner-up in a design competition for Wrangler jeans, when I was five. 

So I purchased again a DSLR this time a Canon of course, so searching through the net, on other social media sites paricularly I came across a photographers profile, which linked to a website 

The site is amazing a millions of people sharing their lives on a twentyfour hour basis, and that is what we have done, photographed our lives. 

I went to Liverpool to photograph mainly in monochrome, and to get some interesting captures. 

Here is a link: