Sunday, 13 May 2012

500px / David Rothwell / Photos

500px / David Rothwell / Photos

Hello all

Hope your all having a great weekend, your week may just get better! This link should interest you all, I have done this myself through the BBC and the English Producer Ridley Scott, who asked everyone to film their life in a day, so this is pretty much along the same lines.

That film was inspirational to Richard Branson of Virgin Media is getting behind this too along with other well known brands in support of the organisation.

Top photographers are getting on this, photographers from grass roots like you and me who have flourished or just hobbyist photographers, this is a chance for your work to be seen.

Unlike the film "Life in a Day", whereby it was just snippets for a an hour long window into the life of the world and it's people, here you will actually be able to produce a great story from your own images taken in a twenty four hour period.

I'm going to be setting up a group on Flickr for this event. So if your interested and your friends/contacts would be interested also, it could be an awesome day!