Sunday, 30 December 2012

Looking Back

Hello all

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I have been working on the idea of multiplicty and also landscapes for my current photography assignment; I wanted to combine the two but also have a unique style.
I have looked at the work of others, and they're all very inspirational this idea was to have more figures in the shot, however it looked distracting and so decided on just the two with the backdrop of the lighthouse.

The textures came from two sources one from of the Netherlands, an exceptional artist, and the other from Pye of the slr lounge tutorial.

Both are very inspirational artists, you should seek out their work respectively. The shot itself involves three photographs and two textures, in all seven layers to make this wonderful composition work. My feet did get wet and yes it was very windy, I believe the wind speed yesterday was gusting to ninety five miles an hour!

Although the water was actually warm.

Have a great new year in 2013 everyone, thanks for following my work and blog!


David Rothwell