Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Happy Christmas

Hey all well 'tis the season to be jolly as they say, or should that be lolly? Well have had a fab day today thanks to family and friends at the moment am just chilling out, and thought I would share with you a series of images I shot from a surreal perspective; hope you like them I found them fun to do. So am going to do a few more seeing as I have time to do so, please enjoy your holidays!

Falling Down Serious as this may look, the story behind this shot is actually funny. Whilst posing a young boy and his sisters and dad were watching me do the shots, the little boy asked me "Wotcha doing?" I replied with glee ..."Err that's a good question, young man!"

I got to my feet and introduced myself to this man and his family shook hands wished them a Merry Christmas and produced a business card! Ha,ha what an opportunity it was to market yourself than shooting 'live', that said they have not seen the finished result as yet. No doubt they will.

Eat Dirt I enjoyed doing this one I was on such a high after being caught in the act shooting self portraits, I thought to myself how surreal it must have seemed to that man and his children, happening upon myself throwing certain shapes whilst operating a trigger switch.

The idea came to me a while ago to do something like this, I had been high up in a quarry, and shots some funny shots, however I wanted something a bit more interesting.

Interesting it will become, as always when the inception comes to my mind am always listening to music, and have shared a play list on my twitter account aka @stonemonki 

Anyways here is the next shot a bit of me or perhaps more of me Get Out Of My Way Have a Happy Christmas all of you!