Tuesday, 27 November 2012

People are strange...

When you're a stranger Faces look ugly when you're alone Women seem wicked...

You see all types when out shooting the street, I just read, well actually viewed an interesting post on Strobist blogspot 

What I found interesting was the approach the photographer had to shooting people in the street, my photography is not literally a mobile studio and asking people to pose in such a way it takes the 'candid' element out of it and the true nature, of the subject being photographed out of context. 

The work is incredible and I wholly agree it is an exciting challenge, that photographer Philippe Echaroux  has set himself but it is not street photography per se, it is a mobile studio following you around whilst you take photographs of people posing for you.

Whilst out myself I came across some very interesting characters, one gentleman who seems a bit of a contortionist. Now i've witnessed people placing themselves inside boxes small enough to carry a chihuahua! 

I aint never seen a man who can literally invert his hips or bend his knees backwards...I just had to snap him...hence the title of this post. 

Other people I came across were also original in their performance, I can see street photography offering a lot to the street photographer in the future. 

These people give us material to photograph...long may it continue. 

I call this one British Politics quite an apt title I thought as we see the mask of a former Prime Minister shafting George Dubya Bush! 
I love the sense of fun in this shot, it is obviously done tongue in cheek, but it tells a story of a former decade.

The next shot of course is a shot of Lizzie and Charlie, I won't use their titles cos to be fair it isn't really them, but its another fun shot none the less.