Saturday, 17 November 2012

Music Is The Answer

Hey y'all

Been a short while since we last met, lately been in the studio so will be posting my work from those sessions, am sure you will be more than impressed. I recently noticed when out togging how some people will multi-task, when doing something so for instance, people who go jogging, they listen to music...people who cycle; they listen to music too, (which I find totally irresponsible), from a road safety perspective.

So do photographers listen to music when they're shooting perhaps in the studio? Or maybe perhaps when they are out shooting street or urban landscapes...or even further afield to get the elusive iconic scene that will always be remembered and saleable for the future.

I know from my own experience I like to listen to certain music, when shooting street to get 'me' in the mood. Not in the mood? Then you need to get yourself in the mood; mood can be a key factor for your creativity. Most of the music I listen to varies, so for many of my landscape shots, I listen to dance music gets me up the 'hill'! For other shots of mine like the street shots am actually listening to classical, I love Beethoven, he is so inspirational or even try it for yourselves The Smiths okay, these maybe a bit dated but people watching is also a pastime, and watching people move chaotically while listening to these two genres, really adds a bit of mood to my creative mindset.

Not all of it is that though, I recently got back into listening to a lot more vocal stuff, bands like Schrimshire, Radiohead, or even these Grizzly Bear.

Looking at these examples we can see that specific lyrics, or even instruments can influence how you feel.

When I shot this latest work entitled Le Téléspectateur I was listening to Sinnerman A free download link is here for you to listen to the four track E.P I just find they're music inspirational and laid back like lounge music, with some great rhythms and nice beats.

So next time your out togging and your looking for inspiration, why not don your head candy, and let the tunes roll...this is entitled "The Reader", if you look closer at the image and look at the golden mean, the people within the frame follow a simple but chronological rule; in the distance, a young mother pushing a baby in a pram, then we have the singular adult then the elder lady reading and having a walker aid.

Simple but very effective, sometimes to do street photography, you have to really look at the subject, was this a decisive moment? Well yes to a certain degree, I waited for the mother to come into shot. You look at the leading line, the lady adds interest to the fore then in my typical linear composition, all people lead to the back of the frame nicely. Could I done much more with this shot, yes certainly I could of done without the storm clouds over what was a bright cold afternoon, although the clouds to add to the vignette for the framing.

The picture then has a sense of drama, though everything in the frame is relatively calm. One point about this shot, is how the people relate to each other, they come to this public place, for a bit of peace and quiet, to interact with society, to seek inspiration or to clear their thoughts or to stimulate ones mind. I've noticed that when am out shooting people in similar scenes, how they are totally absorbed in what it is they are actually doing. This is what really attracts me to street photography, people going about their lives.

It fascinates me. Here is some more music from STAC as recommended by Schrimshire.