Saturday, 14 September 2013


Okay all, well I had such a great response to my last piece which was a black & white landscape shot of a lone tree. I have sent a copy to Black+White Photography magazine it is the champion of this genre of photography, so who knows I may actually receive a 20x24in print!

I have to say its one of my own personal favourites I have ever taken, every time I look at the landscape though am always thinking about those iconic street shots taken by the past masters, I know I have some great material in my street photography back catalogue, and if you have not yet seen my work from my latest book then check out We The People for those interesting street shots from around the United Kingdom.

Looking at the book itself, I was very impressed and even more impressed at how great it looks on retina display on a Mac. The high definition is very sharp, so obviously sharp pictures please people. Even so I know from experience that shooting film can be a truer representation of a moment captured. Many of you who follow twitter and in particular that celluloid stalwart Ted Forbes, will know this on his show and regular podcast the art of photography that they're many who do prefer film to digital for so many reasons, however if any of you have ever had the opportunity to hold let alone use a Leica or other range finder, will know yes they can be accurate but looking through the viewfinder on a DSLR is like seeing what your actually seeing!


I recently purchased a mint condition FED 4 Rangefinder, so far so good am impressed by using this seemingly compact camera and the lens is a superb Industar f/2.8 55mm So I have bought several rolls of film, some from Ilford and others from the lomography guys. So am buzzing with the thought of getting out there with this camera and shooting some fantastic street shots like this one here entitled Jump!

I had been watching him and his friends leaping into the air off a slackline, he jumped from one to another he had an incredible sense of balance, I was fixated and I shot a couple of more shots; but this one really captured his sense of control and belief in what he was doing the concentration on his face was electric.

Capturing this has given me renewed focus too, I have now got some great ideas for a few more books solely focusing on a particular subject.

Renewed inspiration couldn't come too soon either, as I'm back at college next week. That's right the holidays are well and truly over and I guess so is summer. No more scantily clad females out come the scarfs and woolly hats...bah!  Though fall does bring some colour out so the next few months may see new material even though am going for mainly social documentary, those other ideas are still on the back burner.

Those guys over at Blurb have other photographers and artists alike, that produce books, eBooks and know a thing or two about art to boot, I realised that not much social interaction happens on their own site, however on their Facebook page it's totally the opposite, they're a great bunch. I came across some work by a photographer who has travelled extensively and has captured some amazing photographs, actually it is photographic art, the photographer is Michael Forbes, his resumé  speaks for itself as does his work.

Coney... the summer of love

I have spoken about other photographers and of course that is what I like to do is research other photographers' so that you the reader / follower can be inspired to shoot and create your own art. It is our cultural existence that inspires us to create and innovate, his latest book Coney... the summer of love is so very inspirational from a social documentary perspective, I do ask though is it as in your face as the work of Dougie Wallace? Probably not but that's what street photography is all about when you take yourself back to the words of Henri Cartier-Bresson who was quoted as stating that the camera is an extension of his eye, he was shooting in places like Paris, France and in stark contrast Russia. Not only considered the father of photojournalism, but also one of the greatest photographers of all time, so the likes of myself, Forbes and Wallace are following in Cartier-Bresson's footsteps for sure, differing styles yes, but the composition is there for all to see.

Where to now?

So over the next few months I will be sharing with you a diary of what I am shooting, and your very welcome to comment on my work, I do like it when some one makes a comment on my blog, even more so when someone comments on my photography.

After all feedback is important to a photographer it is how you hone your craft, so keep reading...

So long