Thursday, 25 April 2013

Long Time No See

Well, well

Hi all, this is probably gonna be a right blurt! I have not been on this blog for a while and haven't really posted anything on here for such a while.

Have started a new blog using the word press format, I like it! But I have also been so busy, with my own photography and so many assignments one in particular was my 'first' try at making a film about my photography. I really enjoyed making the film; Work, Rest and Play. The version is a film short, however the full version will be available towards the end of the summer, that is if we ever do get a summer! 

Continuing with that theme, I also have been busy shooting more material for the book of the same title. I recently concentrated on New Brighton for this set and am looking to go and shoot some more material in Manchester. It's starting to rain and Manchester can produce some amazing light under a dark sky!

You can view my recent post on my other blog too Boston Triumphs! Which is a perfectly good reason to read about how a city has triumphed over adversity.

American Flag
Star Spangled Banner ©David Rothwell
It gives me inspiration to be positive about things in life, and that is a really good thing! So just going off kilter, I have to remind you that the annual 1940s Weekender is coming up in May 18 -19 2013 at Haworth If you have never been and are going to be visiting the picturesque county of Yorkshire, then why not pop's a real tonic!

Last year we had a genuine spitfire, and this year promises to be a lot more exciting, I think we may have George Formby Tribute this year too.

So plenty of opportunity to get dressed up 1940s style or get a camera out and shoot some vintage footage. I was there last year and it really is authentic like stepping back in time into a period drama.

One of the shots from my recent shooting trip, this one taken at the Colwyn Bay 1940s weekend. The theme was there, however it just wasn't as authentic as it was in Haworth. It was too close to a main road and to be honest cars of this century going past is not what this event is about, so if you really do want that nostalgic feel to it, then your best bet is Haworth.

What I will say is this that the re-enactment crews were brilliant and hats off to them for putting on a good show.

So my next trip out should be an eventful one, am currently working on a project too for my last assignment. Five photographs in total, and I have to focus on three photographers too. Which is not too hard it just begs the question which three?

I was thinking about Duane Michals and a brief thematic that would entail maybe a story involving sub framing techniques and out of bounds photography. Which to be honest sounds really appealing to myself, last night in the studio I began a few shots and had limited resources, however am sure I can pull this technique off.

You may remember from my other post Music is the Answer that I gain inspiration from music for my photography, well I been looking at Pink Floyd album covers and the titles to certain tracks etc. So of course if you have seen my  Tears Among The Trees work, you will know that I shoot a lot of surreal self portraiture, I enjoy it and you really do set the scene yourself you are in fact in the style of Cindy Sherman conceptual portrait photographer, however my work has a different approach, I also shoot duplicity so am playing two to three characters!

I have to go back to that place too very soon, so I can place the next part of the story in there. Yes, yes a bit more long winded than an episode of BROADCHURCH Which I have to say is beautifully written and quite the epic it has turned out to be. Brilliantly acted out too by the actors Olivia Colman and David Tennant.

So for now I will leave you so you can watch that epsiode! For now I better catch up on some other form of typing for my assignment.

Farewell for now!