Thursday, 28 February 2013


Well, well I never thought I would ever consider myself to be a Cinematographer. That said it is currently my assignment, so far I have made a fairly good draft using Adobe Premiere Elements 11. It is meant to be two minutes in length, however looking at my peers work of such length am not overly impressed.

I cannot see how someone like my target market can grasp my photography in such a short length of timescale, alas I digress. One thing for sure I definitely did notice was 'artistic' my draft is so far. It does reflect my style of photography very well, once my final edit is complete and I have completed the credits and subjected a movie score to the images I will post on here via Vimeo.

I have been watching a lot of amateur film makers work on Vimeo and to be honest I would not normally use the term amateur. These guys seem like Pros!

A lot of photographers have developed certain styles and one particular photographer has re-awakened a particular style of photography, Ian Ruhter AKA The Alchemist is known for his daguerreotyping which was the first commercially successful photographic process, his photography is shot on these rather large metal plates. Obviously with this style of photography, it is shot in brightly sunlit conditions for the process to be at an optimum. It is known as wet plate photography today.

Here is a interesting video if you haven't viewed his work, I would suggest you follow him on Vimeo
Le Métro©David Rothwell All Rights Reserved
For now I will post a 'still' from my short film...