Thursday, 25 October 2012

Point of Ayr

Point of Ayr (Welsh: Y Parlwr Du) is the northernmost point of mainland Wales. It is situated immediately to the north of Talacre in Flintshire, at the mouth of the Dee estuary. It is to the southwest of the Liverpool Bay area of the Irish Sea. It is the site of a RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) nature reserve RSPB Dee Estuary Point of Ayr,[1] and is part of Gronant and Talacre Dunes Site of Special Scientific Interest.

It has been a long time since I shot a landscape, I enjoy the freedom it brings. Point of Ayr is a great place to walk along the coast; and take in the sea air. You also have great opportunities to photograph this landscape and its lighthouse from varying angles.

Not too deep a tide unless in Winter or a storm comes in or the remnants of a hurricane diminish off the coast of Ireland.

The shot I have posted up is to give you the reader or viewer an idea of how diverse photography can be, as you progress you can become quite vacuous taking shots of landscapes; your thoughts become clearer and your mind empties of the mass jumbling effect of living in a bustling city.

It is here that I come to write my thoughts down, my ideas always spring up when am walking around like an intermittent factory of inception; my mind jostles these ideas; and wrestles them until one will come to the fore.

This is when I decide to make my next move and going forward, I know that when my mind clears my decision is waiting.

I watched a Robin Williams film entitled "What Dreams May Come", in this fantasy film of the afterlife the actorRobin Williams plays a Doctor named Chris Nielsen.

Soul mates Chris and Annie couldn't be happier, having married each other and had two wonderful children. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes when they lose them both in a car accident, and then again for Annie many years later when Chris is killed in another accident.

What Chris finds is a Paradise unlike anything he ever imagined, where he is guided by Albert, the first doctor he interned under and is helped to see his children once again. Unfortunately, when Annie takes her life in despair, she does not venture to the same plane of existence.

Taking it upon himself to rescue her, Chris ventures into the pit of Hell with Albert and a Tracker to save his wife from the damnation she doesn't even know she is forcing on herself. Written by Curly Q. Link 

The thing with this is I always imagined that when the tide recedes it would reveal the heads of those who have gone before us, I know quite surreal but none the less, the thought always crosses my mind when ever I visit Point of Ayr.

I do find it inspirational, here is a shot I took a couple of months ago; entitled The Birds 

Well until my next post, farewell and enjoy your photography.