Saturday, 2 June 2012

Fairground Attraction

Fairground Attraction by rothwell172
Fairground Attraction, a photo by rothwell172 on Flickr.
The name of a band, and also a song. This shot was taken with a Samsung NX11. Although I don't use the camera no longer, the colours were really vivid. The build of the NX11 is really quite poor, the lenses material is quite weak compared to that of a Canon.

I have dropped a Canon lense at my home from a height of four feet, it still works perfectly fine compared to the Samsung NX11 from an equal height.

Shame really I did actually like the camera, but Samsung after sales care was at best redundant. Which moves me to say I would never purchase a Samsung product. It's really does come down to that old addage "You get what you pay for!", moving on am really happy with what my Canon has given me it's very versatile with the lenses I own, 70-300mm, 28-90mm and of course my wide 18-55mm lense.

They have all produced really stunning images, as you will see from redbubble link on my page, where upon you can purchase my images through a variety of mediums such as canvas print, matte mounted prints, posters and of course greeting cards!

So if you have a family birthday coming up, or another event maybe you can give the gift of a picture, worthwhile gesture!