Saturday, 7 April 2012

Boat race 2012

Well what a palavar! From the poor decision of the BBC to screen such an event, which generally speaking, should only last by all accounts, eighteen minutes in duration. Instead the BBC opted for poor entertainment in the form of Oz Clarke and James May, taking a trip down some of the 'hostelries', along probably the filthiest river in Britain the Thames.

The event as in the 'tv' event, leading up to the main event, which is of course a boat race was poorly organised. The procastination of the programming, who on earth wants to watch two outdated, tv presenters on a poorly organised piss-up, sideline an actual event? None of which, the presenter's that is, have any experience with the race at all, only possibly for the fact that they reside alongside the said river, from which this event takes place.

So what do they decide, they decide to interview the very umpire, who makes a decision, which of course is controversial and ask him questions regarding an interruption in the race in the form of a swimmer, who was only apparently spotted by Matthew Pinsent, who was on said boat the umpire was aboard.

The whole event smacks of poorly organised London folk, who have not learnt anything from us lot north of London on how to to organise and stage an event, which the world watches!

What effect will this have on the London 2012 Olympics, so far the tweets on twitter have not exhausted at all from today, this only serves as a lesson to Lord Coe, security services are they really geared up for the event in July? Will they have to drain all rivers, to ensure safety?

Your guess is as good as mine, for now let's be content that the for the hard of hearing viewers of the BBC screening, they got more than they bargained for in a typo error. Classic all dayer really for Oz Clarke and James May, no doubt they'll be talking about this past the unlucky Oxford coxon Zoe De Toledo bedtime.

Enjoy your weekend...I certainly am.