Sunday, 19 February 2012

So this marks the point in which my lifestyle will change. Once again, i've decided to go back into education in the forseeable future. I will be attending a photography course to learn more of how to improve my photography and creative nature.

Over the last few months, i've improved what I had purchased a new camera, unfortunately  it wasn't to be with Samsung, and after the experience of their customer service and that of Cambrian Photography, I decided to 'up' the ante, to get into photography more and did so with Canon.

Wow what can I say, everything is good Canon have done so much to improve my photography, from purchasing an analogue EOS 5000, i've moved onto a digital format with the EOS 1100D and the 350D.

So I now have a good collection of lenses ranging from 18-55mm, 28-90mm and of course the big gun in my stable 70-300mm. All take some interesting photographs and at different perspectives in focal length.

From time to time, I will be posting some of my shots onto my blog to give you a glimpse of what I can  do with my cameras!

So enjoy watching and reading, here is a link to another blog from someone who also finds photographing Wales inspirational as I do.