Saturday, 24 December 2011

Can't believe the cheek...!

So doing some Christmas shopping, in Manchester city centre today, when as i'm going back to the carpark in the Northern quarter, where I also had another negative experience (more later). I spotted three guys, one an elderly black gent, the other two seemed to be early thirties.

One of them pointing at something the gent was holding, when out of the blue over the dulcet tones of Guy Garvey singing:
"The birds are the keepers of our secret,
As they saw us where we lay, In the deepest grass of springtime
In a reckless guilty haze"

Comes a voice of some stroppy chav girl, "What ya starin' at?", now she must've fallen out the bed the wrong way or Santa wasn't happy with her this year, but she shouted again, "What ya starin' at!".

Well I wasn't staring at anything, I was merely looking to see if this gent, was okay before this loud mouthed and abusive woman ranted on and on.

I crossed the road towards them to make certain the gent was okay, he seemed to be nothing untoward was going on, but it was the woman who really riled me. It gave me a sense that the elderly was in need of help, but alas he wasn't, the woman on the other hand, had nothing to do with the other men, carried on regardless walking and being abusive, I spied an empty magnum of veuve cliquot outside the Moho rock bar, on the cobbled ground, eagerly waiting for me to pick it up and use it as a weapon of destruction, against this abusive chav, the moment passed though, then was rekindled again.

By this time, the presents for my family had been placed firmly in the boot of my car. I then reached to grab my Canon EOS 5000 camera, it's a nice cam and yes while it may be an analogue one, it serves it's purpose and it does a variety of apertures and shutter speeds.

I turned and headed through the carpark doorway I was currently on level 8 of the carpark. I ventured towards the steps leading to the roof, I wanted to take a few snaps, I did anyways but was surprised  to hear over the fine voice of Zoe Johnston singing "Alchemy" on Above & Beyond album "Group Therapy", these two clueless (in my opinion) carpark attendants said "It's illegal to take photographs here!", were trying their best to intimidate me, I laughed it off stating, "Really show me so, if your such an expert, where are the signs, do you practice law?"

To which one of them replied "You have to seek council permission!" to which I replied in a very irreverent manner "FUCK OFF!", I couldn't believe this was happening on a Christmas eve in a carpark in Manchester.

How very dumb these two lads were, they're no signs stating it is illegal to photograph, I should know what they look like, I worked for the UN in Cyprus here is how they look: You see clearly they're non in the NCP carpark in the Northern Quarter. So tweedle dee and tweedle dum, if you are reading this, please look at the sign carefully, and ask yourself the question, hmm maybe that guy has got a point, I bet he thought "can't believe the cheek of some people.