Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Al's Corner

This is a post I wrote on myspace a while ago, in regards to Al who was constantly shouting BIG Issue with a smile.

He was certainly one person who has graced my life, thanks Al.

Yesterday I was travelling home from work, when I stumbled upon an old face I recognised from working in Manchester city centre and Oxford Road to be precise.
Yeah the guy on the corner of Portland Street/Oxford Road junction who used to sell us "Big issue", that guy's name is Alan.
As many of you who remember him will remember the many things that happened on that corner "Al's Corner". Some of us used to stop for a chat during our luchtime or if you were simply going somewhere around that part of city.
We and many of you did would buy a copy of the mag "Big issue" from time to time, some of you gave a couple of quid, (thanks). Many of us witnessed some accidents on that corner amongst other incidents shall we say as well. Al once actually helped a woman who was knocked down one day on that road, this woman actually came back to thank Al for his help and he always was.
Well I stopped to have a chat with Al and a beer I might add which he offered me on the train home.
He was going to visit his parents, so we chatted about how was doing and how positive he is (he always was). If there is one trait this man has and he has a few..it would be his tenacity for LIFE, he's the type of guy who would never give up and was always heard to say "Am getting there".
Well people he has, finally after all the hardship of being homeless, jobless except for selling the "Big issue" and of course hungry on occasion but of course thanks to KFC (TM) and McDonalds (TM) he never went without the occasional fast food breakfast or luncheon.
Al would stand on that corner for atleast eight a hours a day, seven days a week, that means he was doing fifty six a week if you want to be a statician!
Anyways Al is finally working for the M.E.N newspaper, that's right he distributes the local publication from Deansgate, for those that know the area. Now to here this from his lips made me smile, he instantly gave that warm feeling (the buzz you get when you achieve something like a goal you set yourself). Fantastic I thought i was so happy for him, and it showed Al was kind enough to give me a beer from his bag, a nice cold can of Stelle Artois (TM). I didn't expect that, and this tells me this guy is very generous despite his own previous circumstances.
We talked some more and Al mentioned that he would like to thank you all for the support we and many of you have over the past six years to be precise, have given him "Thank you".
Al tells me he would like to write about his daily chores on that corner Al's Corner, am sure many of you reading this now would probably enjoy reading it too. Remember the best sellers are usually about struggle and self belief that you can achieve something with your life, you just gotta believe.
I can think of one incident that happened..an accident which the guy simply walked away from his vehicle only to return to take a photo and sit down at the pedestrian crossing.
Lots of things happened on that corner I think we should if we see him encourage Al to write this biography, thanks for the beer Al and I wish you all the best for the future it looks great from here on in, well done man.