Monday, 8 December 2014

Christmas is coming...

Wow such a long, long time since I've been seems too long. Things have changed for sure...I seem to be taking more pictures focused on actual happenings and events than the normal street photography I have done previously.

Since moving to a new University, things have gotten a lot better, the 'better' is the being able to photograph a true representation of life in the UK, it made me reminisce of the possibility of life being a student in the north of Britain, well Scotland actually to be a photographer there, rather than the hustle and the bustle of living in London.

However living in London does have its benefits I am much closer to mainland Europe, so only a forty minute flight to go and see family in France, (a real bonus) for photography of a different kind, or rather I should say photography of a different arena.

The one bonus of travelling there would be not just the French cuisine, but to see how my family are, especially since its coming up towards the end of another year, everybody is more or less a year older and yes the shape of things to come seems to increase ones size in more ways than one…yes it’s fucking Christmas (again)…I don’t want to come across as a party pooper, but it seems the older I get the novelty really does wear off...which is why hopefully so should the weight.

Yes, I can hear you screaming out who ate all the pies! Well err, surprisingly not me, I do like a mince pie…its just it gets too much. Same old, same old every year without fail, exuberant items going on sale in some dark hour that seemingly brings out the worst would be post apocalyptic shopper, there could ever be, Black Friday WTF!

My point entirely, why oh why do we have to be subjected to scenes such as this when they’re people around the world needing clothing, needing food, and needing shelter? Instead the beast of consumerism rears its ugly head and compels you buy in to the nightmare that is only a celebration of capitalism.

Christmas is a time for giving, not just having the latest gadget to exfoliate your hairier than your dog showpiece. I was stood outside the store United Colors of Benetton on Oxford Circus, Saturday. A protest against animal cruelty was being aimed at the London store, I know some of the items they sell are made of wait for it Eco-friendly fur…as opposed to non Eco-friendly fur?

Just what is Eco-friendly fur? Here’s a quote from a website pertaining to promote fur as a recyclable choice this winter:

I find it ironic that a store would claim to sell an Eco-friendly product; that does not contribute towards a sustainable green future, what I mean by that statement is the product does not directly affect the renewable energy supplies and therefore cannot be green? Secondly what furs do you know of that are abundant, a troublesome wolf perhaps, or a herd of Buffalo.

I think not, it just seems too far fetched to actually claim a product which has been slaughtered then justify its death by claiming it is green to do so.

Humanity has failed. 
Fur Trade Protest
© David Rothwell Photography

The other gripe this week came from a well known hotel, in fact Claridge’s where all the best dressed breasts can be seen 'literally' feeding their offspring, in a world that suggests breast is best (especially for baby) it seems that a mother Louise Burns actually, was told to cover up! Surely covering a child’s air space is tantamount to suffocating? How could such a perfectly natural act be offensive to human beings whom, themselves who have been borne of a mother, when such an act is taking place, whilst they’re feeding as well?

The mind boggles, none-the-less, Saturday it seems brought about a quiet protest of thirty something mothers and infants in tow to stage a ‘quiet’ protest outside Claridge’s. Female Police officers were in attendance, were by I was told by one such WPC that I was in the way, I was on the road were parking was available because I felt that standing on the pavement, I was in the way of the mothers and infants. I digress; their protest was however fairly quiet it was like looking at a newborns ward monthly reunion party, ironically. 
Breast is Best Campaign
© David Rothwell Photography

So Christmas is coming…just be careful you don’t buy any gifts a family member may take offence to and for the families sake cover the Turkey breast…when the Neighbours come round on Boxing Day.